Hitler 's Youth And The Nazi Party Essay

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Adolf Hitler said “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Hitler indoctrinated youth to build up Germany he believed that the German youth was the key to success. By using the German youth he had more power of what they would become in the future. Although Hitler may have provided many opportunities for Germany’s youth, Hitler youth played a major role in promoting Hitler’s evil agenda because the youth was brainwashed to believe that they were the superior race by doing so they got a new system of education and had strict rules on what boys and girls lifestyles were.

Hitler brainwashed youth by changing the system of education that was taught to pure German Aryans. Hitler did this by rewriting many of the German text books to go against many other races. For example many math problems were all against anybody who wasn’t pure Aryan like the Jews. Hitler demanded for textbooks to be rewritten meaning the history books only had things Hitler wanted the youth to know. Most teachers needed to be part of the Nazi party in order to teach in the schools. A lot of teachers stayed as teachers since they decided to follow nazi rule to keep their own jobs but they were strictly told to only teach certain things.

Most teachers were part of the Nazi Party which meant they taught the students the new nazi curriculum. Many students were brainwashed to believe that there was only one superior race and that was the Aryan race which meant you had to be a blonde, blue eyed and…

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