Hitler 's Point Of View On The Holocaust Essay example

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Over 11 million men, women and their children were killed during the Holocaust, but, more than half of them were Jewish. Innocent human beings were abducted and put into concentration camps from 1933 to 1945, where they were tortured and forced to work long hours, each day, without food or water. Eventually, more than half of the Jews were killed and only a small amount of them survived. The Holocaust happened because of one man’s plan to rid the world of all Jews. He was determined to succeed. Adolf Hitler began a movement that resulted in the execution of six million Jews. With an outspoken anti-Jewish mayor, Karl Lueger, and many anti-Jewish newspapers and magazines there was no restriction on antisemitism, and Hitler was strongly influenced by this (“Why Adolf Hitler Hated Jews”). The First World War affected Hitler’s point of view on the world drastically. He was a soldier at the time and like the other soldiers, he was devastated about the German Empire being overthrown. Later, after the war, he had joined a group called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP). Immediately, he was high up in the group because of how he could influence people with his speeches. Hitler’s hatred for Jews started with the loss of Germany in the First World War. He blames everything on the Jews; especially Germany’s recovery. Hitler is Reich Chancellor! And what a cabinet!!! One such as we did not dare to dream of in July. Hitler, Hugenburg, Seldte, Papen!!! A large part of…

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