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1. What value does Hit Song Science create? If you were Mike McCready, CEO of Polyphonic, which target market – unsigned artists, producers, or record companies would you pursue?
Before we analyze the value Hit Song Science creates, we should be clearly aware of the substance of Hit Song Science. Hit Song Science refers to comparing the mathematical characteristics of music with characteristics of past music hits to determine a song’s hit potential. From my point of view, the value Hit Song Science creates can be classified into two aspects — technology and business. On the technological level, Hit Song Science is an advanced technology in that it mixes music and math which cannot be perceived as relevant in a daily life. It is a
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What are the implications of your positioning strategy for your marketing plan?
The three major components in positioning are customer target, competitor target and core strategy.
We have analyzed in question one that the customer target for Hit Song Science is record companies. The competitor target for Hit Song Science is market research companies in that call-out research is the most popular research method record companies use to forecast sales levels for the titles. The research is that respondents were submitted to a music test if they qualified based on demographics, music listening behavior, or other characteristics. Respondents rate the specific hooks of songs by using buttons or by giving their score directly to interviewer.
As Polyphonic targets on record companies as customer and on market research companies as competitor, the core strategy should differentiate Polyphonic from its competitors in the mind of its target customers. The differential advantage of Hit Song Science is that it could generate more accurate results within a shorter time at a lower cost. The results of call-out research vary due to different demographics, music listening behavior or other characteristics of respondents. Considering its subtle process, like selecting respondents, playing hooks of songs and rating, it probably takes longer than two hours for Hit Song Science. More importantly, the call-out research usually costs the record companies

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