Essay on History Of Vietnam And Ho Chi Minh City

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How to Do Business in Vietnam


How to do business in Vietnam
Vietnam is a Southeast Asia country bordering China to the north, Cambodia and Laos to the west. The country has a population of 90.5 million. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City in the south is the most populated and the largest commercial city. The coastline opens up to the Gulf of Thailand. The land area of Vietnam is 331,114 square kilometers. A large geographical segment of the country is mountainous in comparison to flat land, which only constitutes 20% of all the land. The country has a diverse geography that includes highlands, coastal lowlands and two major river deltas, Mekong River Delta and Red River Delta. The seacoast is long and stretches for 3444 km. An estimated 87% of the country’s population belongs to the majority Viet (Kinh) people. The Kihn inhabit the central coastal delta, the Red River delta, the Mekong delta, and Vietnam’s major cities.
Vietnam was Part of China in 939 AD; it was occupied by the Japanese in the 1940s, and colonized by the French. The Vietnam War is the most well known aspect of the country’s history. Vietnam has attained political stability and strong economic development (Thoburn, 2013). The country has shed off its communist past and embraced free market principles. A majority of the population lives in the rural areas, in the mountainous country. The urban population is 26.88 million, and…

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