History Of The Periodic Table Essay

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History of the Periodic Table
The periodic table is the most important reference for chemistry. People gain information from the periodic table by looking at how it is put together. Elements are arranged left to right, top to bottom in order of increasing atomic number. This arrangement generally coincides with increasing atomic mass. The rows of elements are called periods. When traversing down the periodic table, the period number increases as well as the number of electrons and the energy level an electron in that element has. Therefore as the energy level of the atom increases, the number of energy sub-levels per energy level increases. (Periodic.lanl.gov) Using the data in the periodic table scientists, students and others that are familiar with the periodic table can extract information concerning individual elements, by looking at how it 's put together. The electron configuration can be found by examining the element 's position on the periodic table. Elements that lie in the same column have the same valence shell configuration and consequently behave chemically similar. (Periodic.lanl.gov) Periodic trends, arising from the arrangement of the periodic table, provide chemists with an invaluable tool to quickly predict an element’s properties. These trends exist because of the similar atomic structure of the elements within their respective group families or periods. (Chemwiki.ucdavis.edu) · From left to right across a period of elements, electronegativity…

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