Essay on History of the Donut

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Informative Speech

History of the Donut

Specific Purpose
My specific purpose is to inform my audience about the history of the donut, how it got its hole, and its comeback in today’s society.

Desired Outcomes
I want my audience to: * Know how the donut originated. * Know how the donut got its hole in the center. * Know how the donut gains its comeback in today’s society.

Thesis Statement
The donut has played a great role in history and in American’s stomachs.

Homer Simpson from the Simpson’s cartoon states it the best: “Hmmmm…….
A doughnut can be defined as: 1 a round cake with a whole or filling 2 a ring shaped object 3 or a tight 360 degree turn made in a
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i. She states that sea Captain Gregory, while at the wheel one stormy night, found it hard to both steer his ship and eat his fried cake. ii. He, therefore, out of hunger shoved one of the fried cakes on one of the spokes of the wheel. iii. This left the fried cake with a hole in the center creating a perfect finger hold to grip the cake with. iv. He was then able to both eat his fried cake and steer his ship. v. Being very pleased with his invention he convinced the galley’s cook to fry the cakes in the same manner. c. Other articles believe that donuts have holes simply because it makes them easier to dunk in coffee. III. As many of you have probably notice there are not many donut companies here in northern Alabama. a. Donut stores such as Dunkin Donuts, and Krispy kreme have grown rapidly in today’s society. b. Americans enjoy these oily cakes that the Dutch invented. i. They have become so popular that Krispy Kreme now caters weddings. ii. Low-carb donuts are also available. c. To show you how much American’s enjoy wanting donuts, let me share with you some facts that I found on associated content website. i. Each week, Krispy Kreme makes enough donuts to reach from New York to Los Angeles. iii. Each day, Krispy Kreme sells 7.5 million donuts and that’s only in North America. iv. In about two minutes Krispy Kreme stores can produce enough

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