History Of National Rifle Association Of America Essay

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Background of the NRA


The National Rifle Association of America, abbreviated NRA, formed in 1871 under the leadership of William C. Church and George Wingate, two Union veterans wishing to improve marksmanship amongst their soldiers. Once officially chartered in New York, former Union general Ambrose Burnside served as the NRA’s first president.

The NRA developed the first of many practice grounds for shooting in 1873, named Creedmoor on Long Island. By 1906, the NRA combined its interests in rifle ranges and promoting marksmanship by urging major colleges and universities to sponsor rifle clubs, resulting in many shooting matches and tournaments for boys hosted by the NRA.

The first magazine of the NRA, The American Rifleman, began publication in 1923, helping to spread the message and raise the popularity of the NRA. During World War II, the NRA contributed its gun ranges and training materials to the war effort while also encouraging members to aid those serving. After the war, the association refocused its training efforts to hunters, helping to found the first hunter education program in New York in 1949 and starting The American Hunter, a magazine, in 1973. The NRA also focused its efforts on law enforcement training, becoming the sole weapons trainer of these professionals in 1960. Today, 13,000 police and security firearms instructors hold NRA certifications.

Perhaps the most well known section of the NRA, the Institute for Legislative Action…

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