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Review Questions for Wyoming History Final Exam, December 6, 2011, 10:15 a.m.
The exam will consist of three parts:
PART I: Short Identifications (50 points total)
You will asked to select FIVE names/terms from a list of eight or nine choices. You will write a paragraph identifying the name/term and provide additional information about the significance of the name/term to Wyoming history. Some possible terms are listed under questions in Part III (below). PART II: Two Book Questions (25 points total)
One question on each of the two books-- Davis, John W. Wyoming Range War: The Infamous Invasion of Johnson County. Western, Sam. Pushed Off the Mountain, Sold Down the River: Wyoming’s Search for Its Soul.
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What is the severance tax? Why did Gov. William Ross decide on a severance tax for a constitutional amendment in 1924? c. What influence, if any, did oil have on construction activities at the University of Wyoming in the 1920s? 4. Briefly describe the history of the oil industry in Wyoming from prehistoric times to the 1920s. What locations were particularly important? What individuals had important roles in the oil business in those times? How did national/international events influence oil development in Wyoming? 5. Teapot Dome was a celebrated “Presidential scandal” in the 1920s. Why did the federal government set aside the Teapot Dome oilfield as a “naval petroleum reserve”? Identify the primary players in the incident and describe the history of the scandal. What role, if any, did Wyomingites have in the incident?
The United States navy was switching its fuel from coal to oil starting in 1908. Teapot dome was 1 of 3 oil fields to be reserves in case of oil restrictions, 2 were in california. Harry Sinclair secretly made a bid on the land to drill with secretary of the interior albert fall. Albert fall convinced President Harding to chage controll of Teapot dome from Edward Doheny (Navy) to Albert fall(interior). Dallas Dome

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