Depression In The 1970s Essay

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The 1970’s: Rebellion, Recession, and Relief

Ever since war began in the 1700’s, the United States has created an extraordinary history. A past that included battle, set backs, and reconstruction. This would change America forever. My family has continuously been apart of war dating back to 1914. I chose to write my Oral History assignment about the 1970’s. While focusing on the Vietnam War, this time period was quite eventful. The 1970’s were a fearful, influential, and revolutionary time that had a lasting effect on the U.S.
The person I chose to interview for this project is my Dad, Mark Berns. He was born in 1959 near the end of the World War II baby boom. My Dad grew up in Morton Grove, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago. His family was apart of the upper-middle class whose parents voted Republican. All family members were healthy and he was always happy with his life. Overall, the Berns were a typical white, suburban family who lived a privileged lifestyle.
Life for my Dad in the 70’s was high school/college age, which was wild. This decade ranged from the Vietnam War, massive protests against war, and hippies to disco music. He encountered
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Although his Dad knew the local selective service agent and told him, “Let me know if you want to keep your son from being drafted to go into the military. I can keep him out.” His dad had mentioned that to him multiple times and would always wonder if he would do it. My Grandpa was a fair and honorable man, but would he really call his friend to have someone else take my Dad’s place in service? This would’ve been a tough decision to make knowing someone else is risking their life in place of you. As fair or unfair as this was, it was always a possibility to take him up on this offer. Although this defiantly bothered my Grandpa, he may have called up his friend to keep my Dad out of harm’s way. The local selective service had this kind of

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