Essay on History Does Not Repeat Itself

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History Does Not Repeat Itself, But It May Not Rhyme Either?
Whether Mark Twain’s famous quote “History does not repeat itself, But it rhymes,” was really his quote or not. The message still stays that yes history does in a sense repeat and or rhyme depending on how you look at things. The articles titled “The History” is a great example of a middle ground between the two. When read through it holds a lot to tell through the people’s cultural beliefs as well as their jobs and similarly how they managed to control their colonies population. If other colonies repeated these ways or better yet even “rhymed” is based in the similarities alone.
Now most if not all civilizations had jobs for people to undertake. Most of these jobs either consisted of being a part of the nation’s military, or working to better the colony itself. The jobs weren’t exactly rare to come across either, for example if you were a talented archer in one country, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you traveled to say, Rome, and immediately received recruitment into the archery portion of their military. Jobs most definitely do repeat, some may even rhyme. However seeing as a majority of the jobs during these times usually followed the same reasons for the same goal which ranged from expanding he already great nations, to the sailors outside of city boundaries to do the expanding for them.

For example in “The History,” the very first thing read is that a person had traveled to Delphi to deliver an offering to…

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