An Unusual Perspective

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“History is the memory of states” implies that one viewpoint can describe a series of events as a whole, when in reality, a single perspective can only portray so much. Describing history through this narrow view conceals conflicts of interest and makes a certain time period seem almost one-sided. One nation has never been made up of one cohesive community with a single view on the problems that they face. No matter how hard someone tries, it is impossible for them to see history through the point of view of others.
John Winthrop justified his seizure of Indian land by declaring that the Indians had not subdued, or taken control of, the land. Therefore, the Indians only occupied the area and did not have a civil right to it. In response, Winthrop seized the land because the Indians did not legally own it, they only had a “natural right” to it.
The English settler’s main combatant tactic was performing massacres on Indian villages. Not only did they deliberately kill
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Charles had claimed Virginia as a royal province, but since the Puritans had usurped him, their Parliament influenced Virginia’s political affairs. The Puritans also brought a growing religious toleration that would continue to increase as America developed. Their ideas in the Mayflower Compact reinforced the close connection between the church and the state. It also introduced the idea that the law should treat all equally and that the government came from the governed. These ideas continued to develop along with America and influenced today’s government.
Indentured servants were the answer to the colonies’ pressing lack of labor. Tobacco’s popularity had sparked agricultural growth throughout the colonies and many settlers acquired more farmland to increase their crop output. However, there wasn’t enough available labor to tend to the crops, so indentured servants were brought in from England and

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