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History Course Outline
There are four topics; * Australia in the Vietnam War Era * Changing Rights and Freedoms * People Power and Politics in the Post-war Period * Australia’s Social and Cultural History in the Post-War Period

Australia in the Vietnam War
Inquiry questions
• How did the Australian government respond to the threat of communism after WWII?
• Why did Australia become involved in the Vietnam War?
• How did various groups respond to Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War?
• What was the impact of the war on Australia and/or neighbouring countries?
Learn About; 1) Australia’s response to the threat of communism in Asia after WWII including:
– Korean War
– ANZUS Treaty
– SEATO Alliance 2)
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• What have been some important political developments in post-war Australian history?
• How have significant individuals and groups exercised their democratic rights in the post-war period?

Students learn about: | Students learn to: | Section A is mandatory. A choice of ONE event/individual from Section B and ONE Prime Minister in Section C. | | Section A: Australia as a Global Citizen * Australia’s role in the following: * United Nations, including UNESCO, and UN conventions * regional agreements, including Colombo Plan, APEC | * * outline key developments in Australia’s role within the UN in the post-war period | | * assess an achievement of Australia in its role within

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