History And Its Impact On The United States Essay

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History is known to be created only by the victorious, thus what many thought once was the fabric of history is now the remaining threads placed by the needles of conquerors. History can easily be manipulated by people in power, and silence those who were not successful in standing up for themselves. Individuals need to know how history works before analyzing the results; one needs to revise all the sides of history, from the conquerors to those who were the conquered. In this case, the United Statesians (the victorious), Mexicans (the conquered), and the Texans, were the ones who underwrote most in the, western frontiers, manifest destiny, to the Mexican-American war. Their history, though similar, provides different aspects of how present day Mexico and the United States’ relations came to be. The United States has not always been how many individuals know in it today. When celebrating the U.S’ independence one assumes all fifty states became independent when the U.S was formed. The U.S was first introduced to America at Jamestown, then eventually settled its frontier line as the thirteen colonies through expansionism. The colonies ultimately gained its independence from the British, and established a stable government. Colonialism was what stabilized the U.S, because of it, a popular dream at the time was to expand its frontier west—later given the name of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny for United Statesians was the expansion of their land from east coast to west…

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