Historical View On Hunger Essay

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Historical View on Hunger
Hunger has established itself throughout many centuries and many nations. Countries in all stages of development experience hunger in various degrees. According to the Director of Economic Studies at St. Arthur University, countries can be classified into three stages of development: developed, developing, and undeveloped. Underdeveloped and developing countries have a low standard of living and GDP per capita value, while developing countries have more advanced and organized government programs and higher standards of living. (Downes). The history of natural disasters and the amount of industrial and technological progress associated with the development of a country has a direct impact on the hunger rates. According to Frank Long, an economic researcher at Oxford University, the hunger rates in underdeveloped are substantially higher than that of developed countries (Long). By comparing events such as the Japanese and Haitian earthquakes and the industrializations of Ethiopia and South Korea, historians are able to determine exactly what it is that causes this difference. Many factors influence hunger: physical damages to the food supply, a loss of jobs, and government ability to provide food aid all work together to influence a country’s hunger level. By examining hunger trends in relation to development, historians seek for ways to decrease the amount of hungry.
Industrialization Versus Hunger Rates:
Development decreases the number of…

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