Essay about Historical Development of the Cell Theory

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Biology Notes
1. Organisms are made of cells that have similar structural characteristics. 1 Outline the historical development of the cell theory, in particular the contributions of Robert Hooke and Robert Brown. The development of the cell theory starts in the 1600ʼs with Robert Hookeʼs discovery of cells when viewing a piece of cork under a microscope and describing them as a nun house. Anton van Leeuwenhoek was crucial in the development of microscopes making simple microscopes through advanced lens making techniques that enabled him to see 300X and also discovered bacteria. Robert Brown later in the 1900ʼs made the discovery of the cell nucleus. 2 Describe evidence to support the cell theory. 1. All living organisms are composed of
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4 Identify cell organelles seen with current light and electron microscopes

5 Describe the relationship between the structure of cell organelles and their function Organelle Nucleus Mitochondrion Ribosome Vacuole Chloroplast Description Round black dot, usually near the centre of the cell Oval with starfish inside, has 2 membranes Little balls on ER BIG thing in the middle Oval with Stacks of lines, like a drawing of a hurricane (thylakoids) Round sack - Contains digestive enzymes Fat wings, Stacked disks like pancakes. Like a mother ship Near the Nucleus, striped tubes (rough has ribosomes) Outside line of the cell Thin lipid bilayer, inside the cell wall Fluid of cell Function Brains or control centre of the cell Energy centre of the cell (cellular respiration) Protein synthesis (makes protein) Stores food, waste etc Photosynthesis

Lysosome Golgi Apparatus

Digestion Packages products for shipments to other cells Transports materials

Endoplasmic Reticulum

Cell Wall Cell Membrane Cytoplasm

Provides rigidity and protection Controls entry and exit Site of many reactions

2. Membranes around cells provide separation from and links with the external environment. 1 Identify the major groups of substances found in living cells and their uses in cell activities There are 2 main groups of chemical substances found in cells: Organic substances and inorganic substances. Organic

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