Historical Concepts And Movements During The Period Of 1850 Present

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There were many historical concepts and movements during the period of 1850-present that have held importance and have influenced the unfolding of global history. Among these movements and concepts were industrialism, nationalism, communism, democratization, colonialism, feminism just to name a few. While each one of these movements and concepts have influenced global history significantly, no other two concepts or movements transformed, and shaped human history more than industrialism and capitalism. Capitalism and industrialism are the two most important concept during the period of 1850-present, because they merge humanity with one another, and as a result, creates a lasting impact on economic, social, and political affairs.
In trying to understand global history, what happened on this planet, almost like a micro view of the history of the world, different “isms” so the speak, such as colonialism, feminism nationalism, militarism, racism, modernity, democratization, globalization, socialism, collectively yet individually shaped and are still shaping the world in which we live in today. Together, they are telling stories of where humanity have been, where it’s at, and where it’s headed. These “isms” are important in understanding the history of the world, the beginning of white supremacy, the socio-economic structure of communities, the narratives of countries around the world as well as movements around the world such as feminism, Black Lives Matter, All lives…

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