Essay on Hiring A Executive For The Hospital

1057 Words Nov 8th, 2014 null Page
When hiring a CEO for the hospital, it is imperative that the board’s selection process contains depth. To add additional depth to Mr. Bain’s selection process, I will submit to the board that we should implement additional screening measures. First, thorough reference checks would augment the board’s efforts towards determining if Mr. Bain is the ideal CEO candidate for the hospital. Second, an exhaustive background check is critical to ensure Mr. Bain’s history is conducive with the hospital’s ethics and values. Finally, the board should hire a professional to administered, and evaluate a pre-employment biodata test to Mr. Bain. Without the additional screening measures, I would not hire Mr. Bain for skepticism that his motivations and leadership style run parallel to the expectations of the hospital. Reference checks should consist of contacting the personnel listed, as references, by Mr. Bain. Additionally, the board should apply energies towards contacting personnel who Mr. Bain did not list as references. This approach will rely on the board to research personnel who Mr. Bain previously worked with or personnel who previously supervised Mr. Bain. In order to prevent legal issues, the board should inform Mr. Bain of their intent to contact personnel not listed by Mr. Bain. The reference checks could include a questionere soliciting feedback from the references. The questionere might list certain attributes and request each individual to rate how they view…

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