Origin Of Hip Hop

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Okay Hip-hop

A style of popular music of us minority 's of black and hispanic origin, featuring rap with an electronic backing. Hip-hop, like other forms of music,cannot be understood,unless it’s studied with both historical and social content.Today’s rap reflects its origin in the hip-hop culture African-Americans, its roots in african oral tradition,its function as the voice of an otherwise unrepresented group, and as its popularity has grown, its commercialization and appropriation by the music industry. Understanding the current significance of hip-hop today reverts back to its deeply rooted history of lyrical fixation and political advocacy.The heart of oral tradition manifests from the Malian
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In early year of hip-hop the 70s and 80s in the south bronx(hip hop birthplace) had a fashionable outlet which was extremely important. Often the quality of life in those communities were grim. Many residents living conditions could only be described as inhumane. Nearly all homes lacked basic necessities such as running water,central heating and or electricity. Countless buildings were abandoned by middle class former occupants, the abrupt evacuation brought squatters and addicts.While coinciding with certain parts of the genre some were reaching upwards ,other corners of hip-hop began to embrace American workwear and outdoor wear. Brands like timberland and north face suddenly found themselves covered by a market they never even acknowledged before. As hip-hop gained popularity in the media prevalence of b- boys culture promoted the popularity of sportswear brands such as Puma ,Reynolds,Nike,Avia,and adidas. As rappers shaped hip hop music through the 80s clothing evolved right alongside it. In the early 90s , hiphop fashion was influenced by bright colors , large pants , and head wear. Sport jackets were extremely popular ancient something of status. Baseball caps became popular among rappers in the early 90s and are usually worn backwards or to the side. gangster style emerged and popularized by a group called NWA, it featured dickey pants plaid shirts and a baseball cap. The elite side of hip-hop took on an opposite route and wore suits and more sophisticated head coverings. Most often the 90s clothes were influenced by African cultural patterns and colors. in the late 90s big jeans and jerseys came back in style and went mainstream. In the very early 2000 's rappers wore a style that included bucket hats, grills (which are gold coverings for their teeth), “throwback” team jerseys, sweatpants, du-rags, baggy jean pants. There were a large amount of hip-hop artist beginning an

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