Hip Hop ( Gangsta Rap ) Music Essay

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Rose Pierre
Prof. Sowers
Intro to Speech

Misogyny in Hip Hop (Gangsta Rap) Music
Specific Purpose: To persuade
Central Idea: Hip hop music is very misogynistic and can cause abuse to women

Mary was a 16 year old girl who just got her first boyfriend and his name was Jake. Mary was very naïve and young, she thought she was in love. She noticed the music Jake listened to had changed and she also noticed that he started acting differently. One day she went through the playlist on his phone and took note of some of the new songs on there. The most played song on his play list was Eminem’s ‘Love Games’ and the lyrics were very vulgar and terribly horrifying. Some of the lyrics were like “Snatch the bitch out her car through the window, she screamin’ / I body slam her onto the cement, until the concrete gave and created a sinkhole / Bury this stink ho in it, then paid to have the street re-paved." When Mary saw this she couldn’t believe that this was the type of music that her boyfriend would listen to. But she never said anything. He started to get more aggressive and even when she tried to say something he wouldn’t stop. He started hitting her and calling her demeaning names but she never said anything. One day things went too far and she couldn’t say anything because he killed her.

Unfortunately incidents like this happen more often than we would like. This is important because no one is saying anything and it’s becoming more and more…

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