Hip Hop And The Birth Of African American Poetry Essay

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There are millions and millions of songs in the world, these songs come after an event or a feeling that has an impact on the singer. These type of song creation was popular started during the slavery era. Hip-hop, originally created by African Americans has been around for many years. Not only do African Americans contribute to making Hip Hop music but other races as well. Hip Hop voices the issues that are currently happening to the African American community, such as death, racism, and police brutality. From Beyoncé singing about Black stereotypes to Macklemore, a white male, using his lyrics to stand with African Americans and crediting them. Hip Hop/Pop music has voiced the black oppressed community because they are a form of empowerment and message to sent out to society of injustice.
Slavery is speculated by some to have started in 1619 when African Americans were brought to North America for. In Slave Songs and the Birth of African American Poetry, Lauri Ramey talks about how slavery songs and poems started evolving as an aid to slaves. Ramey states that, “no one at the time seemed to be entirely sure of what they were [slave songs], where they came from, and most of all, how to evaluate them” (Ramey). This means how the songs only had a profound meaning to only the slave community because only they could feel that pain and what each word of that song meant personally since they were the ones going through all of these events. The songs slaves would sing described…

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