Essay about Hip Hop : An Influential Part Of Urban And Pop Culture

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Hip hop is an influential part of urban and pop cultures since its exponential rise in popularity since the early 1970s. The rise of hip hop in urban communities effectively reduced the increasing levels of gang related violence and injustice in society, regardless of the stigma of a negative influence imposed by the mainstream media. The absolute positive ideals of hip hop and its positive effects are evident in the history of hip hop culture, seen through Zulu nation, and even in present day in inner cities. Hip hop converted the violent nature of gang conflicts to a force for uplifting community collaboration and unification while saving many from the poison of illicit gang activities. According to Dan Charnas, author of the Big Payback, though some may attempt to portray hip hop as violent, crude, and dangerous, these faults are not that of hip hop, but of America because hip hop is a product of American society as developed by a people whose life and culture have been oppressed. To this day hip hop, through the advocacy of rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, holds strong moral values that members of its community identify with for positive changes in a society where institutionalized racism and self-hate exist.
To understand why hip hop was able to combat the gangster lifestyle that was popular in inner cities, first researchers had to understand what drew impressionable youth into gangs and other degenerate activities. Hip hops roots stem from illicit activities and…

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