Essay on Hinduism And Buddhism : Religion

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In today’s society we have all encountered a numerous amount of people who practice religions that are completely different than our own. Religion is often a topic most people tend to shy away from during social events and interactions. I believe people shy away from this topic because they are afraid to step outside of their comfort zone and become interested in a religion that they were raised to practice. With over half of the United States population claiming Christianity as their religion of choice I believe people feel that it is unimportant to gain knowledge about any other religious beliefs. For me that is not true, although Christianity is leading religion in the US I believe that is important to be knowledgeable about religions that are less common such as Hinduism and Buddhism. The two religions combined only accounts for .14% of United States religion according to a demographic study performed by The Pew Research Center of Religion in Public Life. Hinduism and Buddhism deserve to be acknowledge because they allow for different forms of religious expression in the US, their native heritage and traditions are challenged daily by American heritage and traditions, and they are both one of the oldest, most unique religions in the world. When we began learning more about these religions I believe their followers will feel more comfortable and accepted in a foreign country that they now call home. With Christianity being the leading religion is the United States most…

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