High Tuition Rates : Relation With College Attendance Essay examples

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While the above researchers have focused mainly on the assertions of the quality of a college and its correlation with graduate’s earnings, there are previous studies that have sought to explore the rising tuition rates’ relation with college attendance. In his research paper, Frederick Balderston (1997) discusses the topic of increasing tuition rates for both private and public universities in the state of California and the rising tuition’s impact on the rate of college enrollment. Balderston focuses his research on the financial aid provided by the state of California and how that allows students to enroll in college even with increasing tuition. He finds that while the costs of attending college have greatly and steadily increased overtime so has the aid for attending college (Balderston, 1997: 339).
However, like the past findings in the previous studies discussed, Balderston refers back to the common theme of college being an asset to increase human capital (1997: 342). He concludes that overall, those who attend college and receive higher education, as individuals they increase their resources, gain experience and ultimately receive higher-paying jobs than those who never pursued a higher education (Balderston, 1997: 342). Balderston calls this the “signaling” effect that employers use college as a filter in which they may pick through applicants and select only those who have obtained a college degree. With this signal effect in mind, Balderston argues that pursing…

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