High Treason Essay

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One Love

Poetry can be quite a tricky subject to comprehend at first. However, when you explore and analyze the hidden meanings, it opens up your mind in many different ways. In most cases, when someone hears the word poetry, he or she may think of William Shakespeare or someone who is known to write “thus,” and “tho.” On the contrary, poetry expresses an individual’s thoughts in verses known as stanzas. When someone expresses his or her love for something, he or she illustrates a certain degree of passion for the reason behind it. In Jose Emilio Pacheco’s poem “High Treason,” he expresses his love for his country by conveying his compassion towards all the aspects that make his country a place for him to cherish. Pacheco poem is
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Although his words express patriotism that one should have, he also uses the following words to emphasize a different tone. He continues to write, "I would give my life/ ten places in it and for certain people, /seaports, pinewoods, fortresses, / a run-down city, gray, grotesque, / various figures form its history, / mountains”(lis 2;7) indicating the respect one should have for those in the past who have sacrificed their lives for their country." When Pacheco discusses certain places, he is referring to all the childhood places he used to enjoy, but those places now have become nothing but “gray, grotesque”(lis 1;6) to him.
Reading these last few lines, it reminds the reader about their own homeland. In the late 1600s, Shaheedi, people who fought for the religion of Sikhism; who fought the Muslims for our religion’s separate identity. Without the courage and strength of these freedom fighters, we would not be the people we are today. We respect our country because it was once a place where people cared about the value or faith and religions not politics. Many people who follow Sikhism would give their lives for Shadeedi too, just like Pacheco states in his poem. Today in India, it is nothing but a mess filled with poverty, abuse, and addictions. The current situation in India upsets fellows punjabis because once there were people who cared for humanity and we wish people like Pacheco still existed.

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