High School 's Culture And Educational Process Essay

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Lacy Elementary school is a public urban school k-6 that has a capacity of 500 students, but is serving 650 students. The school 's capacity is at 130% which is well over the desired amount of students to be able to serve efficiently with the limited resources provided.. Most all of the students qualify for a federal lunch and breakfast program. According to the analysis, recent rezoning projects have caused new neighboring students to be bused to and enrolled in the school. During my special situations analysis, I intend to provide evidence as to the negative effects of overcrowded schools and strategies we can use to alleviate some of the issues that arise. Research will be completed to formulate the necessary plan of action and the steps to take to improve the overall functioning of the school’s culture and educational process.
Student Characteristics, Issues, and Factors
During observation 1 (breakfast), students are demonstrating appropriate behavior for breakfast. Most students enter through the exterior cafeteria door while 50-75 others enter through the main door to proceed to breakfast. Students entering through multiple entrances allows the flow of student traffic to be smoother. Alleviating potential overcrowded lines prevents undesired behavior from the students. Although in the mornings, students are generally quiet, grab their breakfast, find a seat, eat, chat, and finish homework, lunch behavior differs greatly. During lunch (observation 2 and 3), the…

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