High School Vs. Class Softball Games Essay

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When I was in high school, I used to be those somewhat hipster girls that joined a lot of extra curriculars so I could get a nice sized scholarship in college. One of the positions I got put into was Yearbook Photographer. This allowed me to go to so many games during high school such as Class .vs. class softball games, Varsity Basketball games, Volleyball games, random icebreakers and spelling bees. So I’ve seen my fair share of intense games that I was able to capture through a camera but a certain game during my senior year is one that I will never forget.
It was the very last game of the Girls Varsity Basketball season and they had made it to the final championships. We traveled over an hour in traffic to get to this game and all of the girls were so pumped and ready. The team they were playing against was undefeated the whole season and they had lost to them when they played in a previous game. It was a really big game and parents, students, alumni and teachers from our school came out to support the girls.
The game started out steady but sooner or later, our team started to slip and the score difference grew greater and greater as time went by. By the half-time mark, the score came back up and it gave our school a little bit of hope. But just like any intense basketball game, those scores don’t stay steady most of the time and it kept shifting. Our whole team was so anxious and constantly praying for a miracle. The time goes by quickly and there’s only about 30…

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