High School Students Drop Out Essay

1060 Words Feb 29th, 2016 5 Pages
Students who drop out of high school will have a harder time throughout the course of their life, because they won’t be able to find a good paying job. With saying this, high school students need to be prevented from dropping out or at least try and keep them in school as long as we can. There is several causes and effects due to children dropping out which could be stopped if we really try. If not stopped, there are serval things that will be affected like our economy and schools which is very important, also they are not just hurting themselves, but others and the world too. So by saying this the age to drop out of high school should be changed to 18 to drop out of school and stay 18, not even 16 with a parent consent. There are many causes for high school students to drop out. Academic performance is a key factor that was consistently cited as a cause that influenced students staying in school to graduate. The lack of parent engagement was often reported as a necessary factor for a child to be successful in school. Both financial and emotional for the parents is an impact, such as being engaged early in the child’s education career. Not enough individualized attention, if kids don’t have one on one time or enough attention in teaching or learning it can and will have an impact on the child’s education. The child will feel the need to give up on learning because their grades will become law and that leads to children not caring and dropping out. Lack of a…

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