High School Students Drop Out Of School Essay

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According to “dosomething.org over”,”1.2 million students drop out of school in the united states alone.” The most common job for high school dropouts is McDonalds or any other restaraunt job.They go try to work at a restaraunt job because they know they can 't get a good paying job without a high school diploma.Some people are lucky to even get a job at McDonalds cause some high school dropouts can 't even get a job there now a days without a high school diploma.Teens drop out of school due to pregnancy,gang activity,drugs,bullying, and some say the work get harder.High school dropouts become teen parents,fast food workers,and depending on others to take care of them instead of getting it on their own. We all have been around a lot of high school dropouts.Some are teen parents.Just being around them let 's me know there struggle.Getting pregnant during high school is one of the most common real reasons why females drop out. Females think because they become pregnant that they have no other choice but to drop out,but they 're wrong. Having a kid at a young age should motivate them to go even harder for what they want so they won 't be labeled as a statistic.After they drop out and have kids then they see why they should have stayed in school. its very hard to get a simple sales associate job even though you really only have to know the basics such as mathematics. Boys drop out because they want to follow in someone older than them footsteps.…

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