High School Should Be Better Than Middle School Essay example

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“Always keep going no matter what. When it feels too difficult to push forward, remind yourself, this too shall pass, and redouble your efforts.” That is what my mom always told me after every setback. She told me that high school would be very different than middle school. She promised me that if I just focused on my grades, I could accomplish anything. I hoped she was right. I was determined to make a life ffor myself better than anyone on that basketball team.
Being one of two boys cut from the team was dreadfully humiliating, but my mother told me to push forward and not let a minor setback define me. I pondered this thought over and over as I apprehensively entered the new building that would be my home for the next four years of my life.
It was immediate chaos in the school. The large hallways were packed with even larger upperclassmen, swarming around with intent and purpose as they walked. I felt timid. I was a short, young freshman boy, maybe half their size. I awkwardly stood, and looked at my schedule (though all I had been doing for the last forty-eight hours was memorizing it). My heart raced and butterflies took over my stomach. “Find your locker.” I told myself. “That’s all you need to do.” The building was so much larger than the map that I had studied, but I tried to find my way around. A2046, A2046, A2046, I continued to repeat in my head. I searched for ten minutes; when finally, I found my locker. I emptied the contents of my backpack and shut…

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