Personal Narrative: My Future In The Fitness Industry

My Future in the Fitness Industry
When I was growing up, I always seemed to be the overweight kid in every class. My parents never really showed me how to eat properly or exercise. When I was 21 years old I finally wanted to do something about it when I was trying to go into the military. I had a goal, a goal of 60 pounds to lose before they would accept me. My life has always been an up and down rollercoaster for my weight, and until I met my husband four years ago he helped me find my confidence that gave me the motivation and self-worth that I needed to succeed. I found love in fitness and healthy eating. I want to be able to share my story and to help others that is why I want to become a personal trainer.
As a personal trainer, my job would be to help assist clients in providing them a safe and effective workout routine, as well as giving them the advice they need to succeed with their overall fitness goals. My goal would be to personally motivate each individual person to make sure they received the best workout possible, and to let them be aware that I am there for them. I would also be able to work with people that have disabilities or pain in certain areas in their body, and figure out a workout routine that is best for them. Being
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I want to be able to help people that ask for it, and to give them the courage that my husband gave me a long time ago. I want to be their support, and to give my clients my full attention and knowledge that I have acquired over the years. When I was growing up I was overweight, borderline obese as a child. I want to change this epidemic that the world as let on one client at a time, and to let my clients know that I have literally been in their shoes. I want to show them that with proper diet and exercise we can all live a long and healthy life, instead of being afraid what may happen if they didn’t. My future will be in the fitness industry now I just can’t wait to get

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