High School Party Can Affect You For The Rest Of Your Life Essay example

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One high school party can affect you for the rest of your life. To us, it was a harmless evening that we were okay with and it was not going to end in a bad way, but one mistake led to another and it led to me waking up in a crunched car, bleeding from my head, arm, and a shard of glass sticking out of my leg. One party that changed my life and my friend’s lives forever. I was walking around at a house full of people looking for my friend Becca. When I found her, she was sitting on the couch with one of the girls I knew from school and she had a drink in her hand. At this point, I knew that our driver was drunk and she only claimed to have one drink and kept persisting on it so I believed her. I was not drunk because I believe that it is not worth it and I can wait until I am twenty-one years old, but one problem because I was getting ready to turn sixteen in ten days, I could not drive at the time. Therefore, Becca was the driver and I got in the car with her and three other people. We were doing so great and laughing and singing to songs that came across the radio, until a deer ran from the side of the road. Becca swerved around the deer hoping to avoid it, but she did not know that one drink would lead to the death of her and two others that were in the car that night. The last thing that I remember was waking up for a few short seconds to hear sirens blaring in the distance and a man trying to keep me awake, but I was in so much pain that I blacked out and woke up…

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