High School College And Community College Essay

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Mike Rose, a professor of Social Research Methodology at the University of California, Los Angeles, has a self-proclaimed. driving interest in the post-secondary educational system, particularly how the educational system, specifically the junior college and community college entities, can be accessed and utilized by and for the less fortunate and those grossly under-prepared for the college scene, either by poor public education systems, legal and incarceration events that limit access, or other learning disabilities that preclude traditional entry into college. As an author and a blogger, Prof. Rose has done his fair share of research on the under-privileged and their access to higher education. The story that Prof. Rose discusses in this segment of his book is an example of how the educational system is available to help the less fortunate and under-prepared. On a late afternoon, Rose sat in the library of a community college with Anthony, helping him to read through a flier on the dangers of cocaine. Anthony is looking at the cocaine information as information to pass along to his daughter; however, through the development of this vignette, Prof. Rose expounds on Anthony 's life and how he arrived at this point in his education. The story also looks at the educational system from two aspects, a student who is eager to learn and the instructor who is in the system day after day. Anthony, who is in his late thirties, “suffered some degree of brain damage from a…

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