High School As The Education System Essay example

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Everyone comes from a different background and have different views on issues happening in this world right now. I was born in India and I moved to America five years ago. I was raised there and when I moved to America it was very difficult for me to adjust here. However, I managed here but it was very difficult me to be able to do good in high school as the education system is very different than American education system. India is very different from here. The medical system in developed and developing countries is very different as well. I always wanted to become a doctor since I was a child. There is so much corruption in India, which also includes corruption in medical field. People have to first pay the money and then the doctors check the patient and even if a person is dying they still have to pay the money first and then the doctor would save his/her life.
When in 2012 my grandma suffered a heart attack, that was the time when I decided to become a Cardiothoracic Surgeon. I want to be a surgeon to help people live their lives normally even after suffering from a heart attack and many other heart diseases. Each year so many people in different countries die because of the lack of treatment and also because they can not afford to pay the doctors to treat them. In a lot of developing countries, there is no healthcare provided to the people which cause a lot of people to avoid visiting doctors for regular check-ups as it costs them a lot of money. There had been so many…

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