High School And Student Behavior Essay

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No matter how many positive behavioral programs or steps a school has taken, some areas will always remain a challenge. Those areas, like the cafeteria, hallways, bus gathering areas, and playgrounds, are usually the ones that lack more teacher observation and tasks to direct student behavior. Highland High School, a 9-12 rural school located outside of Columbus, Ohio, and Lacey Elementary, a K-6 urban school, are no exception. While the schools have many areas under control, the hallways at Highland and the cafeteria at Lacey are still an issue. By focusing on consistent adult interactions to uphold behavioral expectations, better hallway and cafeteria management will result for both Lacey Elementary and Highland High School.
Student Characteristics, Issues, and Factors
Most students at Highland and Lacey are very responsible. They know the expectations and act appropriately. While most would think that class change time would create the most issue, Highland’s issue is students roaming the hall when they should be in class. Some students in our school, like any school, are very crafty. They can come up with very legitimate-sounding reasons to be permitted to “go to the office” or “restroom” when really they have ulterior motives in mind. Some students are more harmless and simply like roaming the halls to waste classroom time. Others are seeking out a student to continue an altercation or even participate in drug-related activities. Most of the time we as a…

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