High Education At A University, Free Clothing, Great Resources, The Life Of A Student Athlete

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Free higher education at a University, free clothing, great resources, the life of a student athlete sounds amazing. Student Athletes are the pinnacle of amateurism yet many desire for them to get paid for what they do. This would entirely destroy the idea of amateurism, by making athletes only wanting to play for money, and allowing the privilege for these athletes to get a great education is valuable in itself. This debate is one most people think is ridiculous however many believe it is necessary to debate this for many reasons. The school and the conference get paid millions of dollars for teams reaching the championship game, winning a trophy and being the best overall team. Money is also brought in from the games itself, ticket sales, jersey sales, merchandise sales all add up to give the athletic department of many schools huge amounts of money. Athletes feel as if they, individually, are earning this revenue for the school. However, the school sees it as a student who is doing something for the University. Many athletes have spoken about this, for example Richard Sherman currently a player of the Seattle Seahawks said that playing football allowed him to receive an extraordinary education at Stanford University. It is tough to pay for higher education and being phenomenal at a sport can help you get that education.
The idea of amateurism is that the players involved are in it for the love of the sport. If looking at the etymology of the word, it comes from the…

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