High Education And Higher Education Essay

1363 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 null Page
About 40 years ago, the American public decided that the only way to be competitive and gain an advantage in this world was through a college education. Higher education has been lamanted as “an economic imperative”(Owen and Sawhill 208) that can no longer be seen as optional or supplemental for people hoping to to attain a job in the workforce. This means that without getting a degree, you are not only shirking your responsibility as a functioning member of society, but you are also cutting yourself out of your own possible economic prospects. This relatively new attitude towards higher learning resulted in noticeable shifts throughout the country. We expanded college preparatory courses throughout the nation’s public schools and started pushing college bound programs in middle schools as well as high schools. The job market responded to this idea in kind by overhauling their companies down to their entry level and making a bachelor 's degree both preferred and required for jobs as basic as being a receptionist. We created a job market that makes the public dependent upon a degree to attain a standard quality of life, but this came with negative effects. With all this demand, the colleges supplying the higher education realized that they were a high commodity. It wasn’t soon after that the price inflation on a college education rose to drastic heights, leaving many in crippling debt trying to attain this idealistic expectation that college would somehow make them more…

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