Mountain Climbers Risk Classification

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Summary: This article begins with the set-up of a study conducted on six climbers and their expedition in the Himalayas. The purpose of the study was to investigate the quality of the experience and the risk perception associated with high-altitude rock climbing. The article also will address how climbers experience both real and perceived danger. Analysis: Now, this article highlights many of the health risks and dangers that are associated with high-altitude rock climbing. Many of these potential dangers are due to the environmental conditions or the participants increased risk of acute mountain sickness. For these high-altitude climbers, they are obviously more trained and experienced than the average mountain climber, and have a …show more content…
Analysis: This article found the differences between genders and how they each perceive risk while participating in outdoor-adventure sports while taking into consideration their level of experience as well. One of the main factors in determining the certain levels of risk that an individual is willing to take while participating in an outdoor-adventure sport has to do with their current and/or past experiences. Many of the expert participants assess risk through opinions on useful tips, principles, and knowledge. This makes a lot of sense because the more experienced the individual is with the particular activity, then the more comfortable they are with the potential risk associated. Many of the lesser-experienced participants learn of potential risks through what they see, read and hear. However, the only way to really learn is by experiencing these activities and learning from mistakes made. Although the media and press and teach us a lot, only so much can be learned. Also, in regards to gender, many outdoor-adventure sports are “more stressful” for women than for men. Sex plays a large role in the stress associated with these certain outdoor-adventure sports. I find that to be very interesting, however, it just proves that men and women and genetically different and respond to particular situations

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