Hewlett Packard And Knowledge Management Essay

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ITIMS ASSIGNMENT: Hewlett Packard and Knowledge Management

MATTY SYLVIE TOM MBA Stage 1 LECTURER: Gurunathan Srinivasan ID : L0108BGOBGO0814

The knowledge management has become over the time one of the main focus of every organization. Present in many erea including the business and social sciences, it involves different actors in the process as well as the adequate technology, which can make it a bit challenging. For this reason every organization should apply the good…to facilitate is implementation within the business. The case before us is HP a successful American multinational company which supply computer and software services. This paper is going to acknowledge how HP cope with Knowledge management in his daily activity , and what has been implemented by to be more efficient and to Overcome all challenges he encounter.

B- Knowledge management coordination within HP
Awad and Ghaziry (2004)define knowledge management as the process by which the company Systematically Identify, collect, and share within framework all…

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