My Heroes As A Role Model

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Many people have heroes when they are younger and while they are growing up. The three people that come to my head when I think about heroes are my mom, my sister and my grandma. They are all so brave, loving, caring, and independent. They are the best people to be my role models in my opinion. They have all shown me what women are supposed to be like and how they are supposed to act. This is what makes them the best role models and my heroes.
The first hero that comes to my mind is my mom. My mom is one of my heroes because she adopted both my sister and I. Without her love for the both of us we would have been put in foster care. I look up to my mom because she’s a great mother. She has always made sure my sister and I have had a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and food in our stomachs. I don’t know what I would do without her. I’ve had some pretty rough times in my life and my mom has always made sure I got the help that I needed. She always picks me up when I fall down into that deep state of depression; she’s the only one besides my sister that I know will always be here for me when I get like that. Most people don’t want to deal with me
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My grandma is one of the most caring people I know. My grandma, which I call nana, always helps my family out when we’re in need, which happens more than not. She’s always willing to give up the last of her money for someone who is in need. I remember a few times when she had to pay for either my sister’s or my mom’s bills and she had no problem doing it. My grandma is the sweetest old lady. I remember the one time I was going to by a Ford Explorer off of my birth mom and my grandma was going to pay all $2,300 of it. Then something came down with my sister and she didn’t have the money anymore. I was grateful that my grandma had tried but my mom ended up selling the Explorer to a person at her boyfriend’s

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