Henry Ward Beecher: A Character Analysis

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“We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves,” said Henry Ward Beecher. I agree that I will never figure out the greatness of my parents until I raise my child and go through the same experience that my parents went. Parents always try to do the best and give the best to their children. Their affection to their child is so huge that it is immeasurable. The method of giving this love and care might be wrong or misguided, but their intention for wanting their children to live better lives is always right. Like the quote, her family did really recognize her mother’s love until she disappeared. Dad, Chi-hon, and Hyong-Chol naturally thought mom will always be next to them and when they need her, she will be at the approachable place so they could easily get help. No one really thanked for what she had done for him or her. They just thought it was a natural and common thing for mom to do it for a family. Only after mom disappeared, they realized how important and great …show more content…
She did not enjoy being in the kitchen because she always had to work and clean. However, she still went into the kitchen to make food and feed her family. She sacrificed her joy for family member’s better life. At the end of the book, daughter realized “She didn’t have the opportunity to pursue her dreams and all by herself, faced everything the era dealt her, poverty, and sadness,” (235). Mom was a girl and a woman before she became a mother. She probably had dreams like everyone else but she gave up on those to support the family. Her sacrifice definitely helped Hyong-Chol, dad, Chi-hon, and the youngest daughter to live a better life that mom never had. Her method of teaching their children or treating husband might not be the ideal way but she definitely contributed all herself for other’s better

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