Henri Matisse Harmony In Red

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“Harmony in Red”
Henri Matisse Harmony in Red “the red room” (The Dessert) was painted across the end of the dancing movement in 1908. The dimensions: 180 cm × 220 cm (70.9 in × 86.6 in). Matisse was born in 1869, and his art-work created by oil canvas in dining room. Matisse's work of art shows a red room, with a table tuning, a woman next to the table and a window in the left and top of that painting. His painting looks like effect, which means that there isn’t centric dots in his work of art. Also, all his movement with color. Themes and objects in that art was flowers, fruits, women, candles, and some shapes that continue to the wall. He painted with flatness area color instead of his special bushy brush. Matisse confirm the flatness frilly surface of the work. All of flat area has a perfect difference in style and tint.
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The seat and objects on the table and hot reds and oranges. These board items of fruits, bowl, vase and juice cruet are coordinated in a dispersed manner on the top of the board and provide a enjoyable harmonics visible flux across the canvas, connect the window and seat with the female who arranged a bowl that include fruits. Several of the table objects broke the line that must be in the end of the table and make a connection with a wallpaper. The fruits indicate to plenty, the 'perfect life', and is psychological reassure and comfortable. The harmonies of the foliage styles on the table-cover and wall are repeated over and over in the background out of the window, collecting the wealthy, hot inner (red, orange) with the cooler outer (green and blue). The geometrical line and shape of the window, outer construction and seats contrast with the organic line and shape that control the drawing and provide a steady frame to the imagination, flowing a slow movements of the inner. Matisse has formed a viewing of intensive that we can described as ecstatic. The motion suggest the use of color to explain the capability of effecting a

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