Henri Fayol 's Theory Of Management Essay

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Henri Fayol (born 1841 in Istanbul; died 1925 in Paris) was a French management theorist. Henri Fayol was one of the most influencial contributors to modern concepts of Management. He has proposed 5 primary functions of Management: Planning, Organizing, Commanding, Coordinating & Controlling.
Henri Fayol synthesized 14 principles for organizational design and effective administration. Fayol 's 14 principles are-
1) Specialization of Labor
2) Authority
3) Discipline
4) Unity of command
5) Unity of direction
6) Subordination of individual interests
7) Remuneration
8) Centralization
9) Scalar chain ( Line of authority)
10) Order
11) Equity
12) Personnel Tenure
13) Initiative
14) Esprit de corps
Now, description of the principles and their present condition of applicability in the bureaucracy of Bangladesh is being discussed here-
Fayol 's 1st principle was specialization division labor. It 's a principle of work allocation and specialization in order to concentrate activities to enable specialization of skills and understandings, more work focus and efficiency. In the bureaucracy of Bangladesh, it is present in a sense because for technical cadres in the civil service, specialist meritorious applicants are recruited. Again, to ensure specialization in bureaucracy, different cadres have been created including general cadres.
Fayol 's second principle was authority and responsibility. Authority means the right of a superior to give order to his subordinates, responsibility means…

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