Helicopter Parenting Turns Deadly By Judith Warner Analysis

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Judith Warner explains in her article “Helicopter Parenting Turns Deadly” how sometimes parents can be too involved in their kids’ lives. Warner explains how she believes that parents need to grow up and not act like kids anymore. If their kid has a problem with other kids they need to help like an adult would not like a kid would. Some times parents can be over protective and want to be like one of the kid’s but, if they are like this than things tend to get out of hand. In some cases, parents have gotten so consumed in their child’s social life and if someone hurt their child the parent would feel hurt as well. Many of these kind of parents would find ways to get revenge on the child who might have bullied or hurt their own kid. In a few cases, revenge may be humiliating them, fighting them, or a hand full cases have gone as far as death. Warner explains how it might just …show more content…
An example of logos in her story is, “one in three children in the United States have been harassed or bullied online” (Warner, 506). She uses this fact to show there are more online harassments and bully cases than the media and news tells us about. Not only does Warner give us the facts about this issue, but she catches our emotions as well. Using pathos, our hearts get pulled in as soon as she tells us the sad story of Megan, “What she didn’t know-what her parents learn six weeks after her death- was that “Josh” was the fictitious creation of Lori Drew” (Warner, 506). Not only is it sad to hear about the death of a young girl, but also about how far a mother can go to get revenge. Warner quotes experts to show that she knows what she is writing about or to show ethos. She quotes Rosalind Wiseman author of “Queen Bees & Wannabes” along with “Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads” who said, “Where are the brakes on parental behavior?” (506). Warner puts this in to other words saying, “where does adult behavior end and childish behavior began?”

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