Heifer Case Study

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The heifer assigned, #293, did not show any behavioural indications of heat. The results were limited as the animals had just been fed and were eating during observation, therefore overshadowing any possible signs of heat. If in heat, the heifer would have been exhibiting more signs earlier in the morning, rather than late morning as it was during observation. The cells which were swabbed from her vagina and prepared on a slide were identified as superficial cells when compared to the sheets in lab. The cells appeared to have nuclei, and therefore were not fully cornfield. Due to the prevalent presence of these cells, it was deduced that the heifer was in rather in estrus. As previously mentioned, the animal was preoccupied with feed during observation. In consequence, it was difficult to pair the behaviours with the slide. …show more content…
A method of estrus synchronization is the use of progestin, which can include vaginal implants or oral products, which will trigger the estrous cycle in cows and heifers (Rasby & Deutscher 2016). The treatment, which will inhibit estrus and therefore ovulation for up to 14 days, is often followed by the introduction of prostaglandin or gonadotrophins (Mallory et al. 2010; Powell et al. 2012). The use of progestin while synching a herd is recommended if many of the animals will be anestrus as exposure will insure that the estrous cycle will be of normal length after insemination (Bridges et al. n.d.).
A second method of synchronization is the used of prostaglandin. To increase chance of pregnancy during a timed artificial insemination, cows can receive 2 injection of prostaglandin 12-14 das prior to AI (Bruno et al. 2013). According to Rasby & Deutscher (2016), the animal should be bred 12 hours after exhibiting signs of heat, either after the first or second injection. However, if a cow was inseminated after the first injection, she must not receive a second dose as this will likely terminate a possible pregnancy (Rasby & Deutscher

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