First Follicular Wave Case Study

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1) What is the question the authors are trying to answer?

- The authors are trying to determine if progesterone would make a difference on the quality of the embryos during the growing stage of the first follicular wave.

2) What is the hypothesis of the study?

- The hypothesis of this study is that if a person were to induce a cow to ovulate follicles during the first follicular wave, that would minimize the embryo quality due to progesterone concentration at the time of growing the follicle and would also increase the pulsation of LH. It would also premature oocyte development.

3) Provide a brief description of the study design.

- They did a few different treatments using Holstein cows that were in the first follicular wave as well as cows that were in the first follicular wave with progesterone along with cows that were in the second follicuer wave. They began superstimulation protocol on certain days of the estrous cycle. The cows were given FSH two times a day for 5 days. This was followed by multiple injections of PGF2alpha, FSH, and GnRH before insemination. The first follicular wave with progesterone group had intravaginal progesterones inserted. They retrieved the embryos shortly after insemination then were transferred to the embryo recipient cows to see if it would impact the embryo survival.

4) What was the major finding of
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The embryos and oocytes from the top two groups were given excellent/good scores while the one with the least amount of progesterone was given a fair score. They also discovered that the embryos that were put into recipient cows did not affect their pregnancy. But by reducing progesterone during follicular growth to cows that were induced to ovulate during the first wave, does decrease the quality of the

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