Mammal Cloning Essay

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Mammal cloning is when a mature somatic cell is removed by researchers from an animal that they wish to produce with genetically the same information as the parents. The purpose is to produce a clone with the same genetic material as the individual from which the genetic material is taken from. They use different techniques for mammal cloning. The techniques used foe mammal cloning are embryo splitting and somatic cell nuclear transfer.
Embryo splitting is used in sheep for effective traits such as milk productivity, meat and wool. Embryo splitting is a successful in farm animals for producing genetically the same embryo and animal. It’s possible that embryo splitting increases livestock numbers quickly and reliable traits. During pregnancies
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It is the easiest and simplest way discovered by scientists to clone. Dolly the sheep was the first mammal to be cloned successfully using the somatic nuclear transfer. Before the cloning of dolly, the sheep, they tried cloning a frog in 1972 and failed. In 1970, a frog developed into a tadpole but then died. So the clone was half successful as he was never able to get an adult specimen. Embryo splitting is when they are at an early stage of development. They are split to produce two identical embryos. Which are then inserted into a surrogate mother. The surrogate gives birth to twins, who are identical and are monitored by ultrasounds throughout the …show more content…
So the same genetic information is carried forward and variation is less likely to occur and it stops new variations from happening. New variations could lead to more advantageous traits and could be more favourable in survival than those already present.
Meat from cloned animals could compromise the health of people. Even though the meat has been declared safe to consume and is being sold in supermarkets. They do not know what type of “adverse effects of cloning to surrogate animals as well as to the clones themselves” could be present in the meat as scientist would not know. The procedure also causes animals to suffer. Animals could be the surrogate mother more than once and it has to go through the procedure of having an egg planted in her. Also of an egg being

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