Heer And Ranjha Analysis

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The love-story of Heer and Ranjha is stored in the hearts of the people of Punjab. It is one of the most celebrated stories in both areas across the border. It is a Qissa, told by a narrator, Waris Shah. It is a love story of Heer and Dhido Ranjha. It has, however, other connotations too. It is sometimes considered the story of one’s selfless love for God, and the longing to reach Him who is out of bounds. In this case, Heer becomes the lover, and Ranjha becomes the God for whose love Heer longs. The love-story in itself intensifies the belief of Rilke that it is the journey to the inside, to know oneself, and to be. Nothing else interests Heer; there is only one goal. It is the true selfless labour of love. She endures everything but does …show more content…
They are worthy of what they are searching for – the God. The women in love long for the man they love but the selfless love makes them surpass the man, and reach somewhere beyond him where there is only God. If they achieve the love of the man they desire, they would not reach anywhere. They would become limited. The beloved would become a screen between them and God. It is only God who does not limit them, who lets them discover themselves and be until they reach him. In their love, they embark on the quest of God which might not be fulfilled. We do not know if they can reach up to Him but they start relishing the suffering and pain of the journey towards him, the journey of love. According to Kierkegaard, there is an immeasurable abyss between man and God (Palmer, 27). Love is the journey through this never-ending abyss, at the end of which stands only God. It is only the longing that takes them to new possibilities, to explore themselves. It makes them see the world differently and minutely. They start to rediscover the joys of life that the everyday routine does not let us to do. It is, therefore, a journey to be where one learns to see, as Malte would put

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