Heavy Metal: a Contrast and Comparison Between Two Historical Bands

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Heavy Metal: A Contrast and Comparison Between Two Historical Bands

Heavy metal music has a reputation of having been devil inspired, however groups such a Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne show just how wrong this is, both in their similarities and their differences. They are fathers, husbands, and business men. They are adored by the masses and have become the largest sellers of heavy metal music. Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy) have had their share of tragedy and controversy, but their stories are more similar than they are different.

Both Metallica and Ozzy have suffered tragedies in regard to their band members. In March 1982, Randy Rhodes, the lead guitarist for Ozzy’s band, died in a plane crash. This was not something that
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At one point in his career, Ozzy bit the head off of a bat at one of his concerts. It was thrown onto the stage and he maintains that he was not aware the bat was real until after he bit off the head. He also bit a doves head off, while intoxicated, during a meeting with some record company executives, furthering the belief that he is a Satanist.

Metallica is not known for wild theatrics during their concerts but their behaviors after their concerts, as well as their professional dealings, have been a source of controversy within their career. They were the first band to sue Napster for piracy which really angered their fans. Their excessive use of drugs and alcohol, as well as their sexual promiscuity while married, also altered fan’s view of them. The drugs, alcohol and loose morals have all led to changes within the band’s lives. When Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield became parents, they decided to change their ways, become sober, and believe in more than money.

When one thinks of heavy metal music and artists, they often think of devil worshipping and substance abuse. While in some cases this is true, that is not the case with Metallica and Ozzy. In fact, what most people do not realize is that both bands and their members are Christians. Ozzy always has been a member of the Church of England. It is well known that he prays before each performance as well as professing his beliefs in several of his songs.

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