Heavy Metal Band: Motley Crue

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Motley Crue is a heavy metal band, with carefree lifestyle, that they shared with the world through their music. The members of the band were not only memorable on stage, but off stage as well. They lived a lifestyle that most people would not approve of, or deem socially correct. Yet, this lifestyle, similar to the style established by Led Zeppelin, benefited their career. Selling over 100 million albums worldwide, Motley Crue spread the heavy metal brand of music around the world. All of these factors have helped contribute to making them one of the best selling bands of all time. Their style, life outside of music, and the achievements of their music has lead Motley Crue to the top of Rock and Roll. Motley Crue was a heavy metal …show more content…
Going against the United State’s president at the time, Ronald Reagan, Motley Crue did not have the normal look for this conservative time period. The Motley Crue provided a stage presences, which influenced other bands during this time. The band wore exotic make-up, clothing, and high heel boots. The makeup was influenced by Ozzy Osbourne as well as KISS, the clothing portrayed an image of the New Romantic Movement, and the boots were first introduced by Elton John. Along with the outfits, all the members of the band had their own hairstyle that caused them to stick out. The outrageous appearance, and own twist of music was also affected by the activities off …show more content…
Critics would make negative comments about them and most said they hated them. Yet, their music was a hit all around the world. They sold over one hundred million albums nationally, received three Grammy nominations for best hard rock performance, and had numerous sold-out tours around the globe. Motley Crue also received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. These accomplishments are only some of the many accolades they received during their time. Over the twenty years of creating and producing music, Motley Crue sold over forty million records. Also over these twenty years, Motley Crue overcome multiple changes within the band, yet they still sold a record number of albums.
The Motley Crue rose to the top of Rock and Roll because of their unique style, life outside of music, and their achievements. Motley Crue separated itself from the other bands during this time. Creating a unique twist on music as well as providing a new image for bands at this time. This new image included the appearance of the band on stage along with their actions off stage. Having this new image of Rock and Roll, Motley Crue acquired a large fan base which in turn lead to endless achievements throughout their career. Earning achievement after achievement, Motley Crue escalated to the top of Rock and

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