Essay on Heart Rate and Exercise

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Literature Review
The human heart is a very complicated organ, with the main purpose to pump life sustaining blood throughout the human body. It also supplies oxygen and nutrients to all areas and clears harmful waste from the body.
The heart is made up of cardiac muscle which beats on its own. According to the article ‘heart ‘which was written by The National Geographic the heart will slow down or speed up depending on how the body is being used. This is done by nerve signals which are being sent from the brain.
This indicates that in order for the body to keep on going, the heart will need to pump more blood through the body when say doing exercise due to the muscles being used on a higher level, which will then lead to more beats
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The average heart beat rate after doing 2 minutes of the activities; jogging on the spot and star jumps were 132, 124 and 120.
The one result which stood out was 108, this rate was after the second attempt for jogging on the spot, although this may be due to the resting rate only being 96 whereas the other resting rates for jogging on the spot where 104 and 100. The rest of the results were consistent. In conclusion one activity does not work the heart harder than the other. Although by saying this the variables which are independent, dependant and controlled need to be considered as these would have had an effect on the results and reliability of this experiment.
The independent variable which is being measured in this experiment is what effect physical activity such as jogging on the spot and star jumps have on the heartbeat rate before and after the activity.
The next variable which is dependant is what the scientist is observing in this experiment it is the changing heartbeat rate, and how it affects the body.
The last variable is the control; this is where the scientist keeps some aspects of the experiment the same. One of the main aspects which are controlled is the person, due to each human body being different with influencing factors such as weight, height, fitness level and/or any other diseases or illnesses which could affect for example the amount of blood circulated throughout the body or something to do with muscles functions (people who

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